Never Again : A Story about One Girl’s Worst Date in the History of Dates

Actually it was the worst date in history.

Adobe Stock Image — Dating
  • Ummm are you okay? Yeah just a little drunk
  • Oh are you a light weight? I mean you only had half? Nah not really…
  • Did you start drinking before the date? Yeah, I drank before, i drank a lot before actually, I mean because I thought you were a catfish or fat and I was going to have to be drunk to get through this.
  • I see. So fat is a deal breaker for you? I mean I don’t like fat chicks.
  • I see… so that must be difficult in your line of work. How is it being a cop? Oh yeah about that. I want to be a cop, that’s why I’m going to school, I’m not a cop yet. I’m a security guard.
  • So what are you getting your masters in that will help with that goal? Uh well, I mean eventually I’ll get an MBA but right now I am getting a criminal justice degree
  • Oh so you are in college and not getting your masters? Where do you go to school? I want to go to DePaul but right now I go to Kennedy King.
  • Oh man that’s quite a trek from Bronzeville, how long is that drive? Oh I don’t drive, well I mean I used to but my license suspended. So I mainly take the bus.
  • But you said you were parking today, did you drive today? Oh that’s because I was late so I got a ride from one of my boys, and I didn’t want you to know.
  • Why were you running late? Because my mom was in the shower.
  • You mom lives in your townhouse with you? Nah, I live with my mom but the basement is mine.
  • Oh so how do you like living in Bronzeville? Oh yeah, I want to live there eventually but I stay in Englewood.



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Krysty Del

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